Use Our Space

Part of our mission to our South Whidbey community is making the church available for many different groups. Whether for ongoing weekly meetings or large events like community dinners, many groups use our space. Please phone or e-mail the office to see what dates and rooms are available.

For most uses, we ask only for a voluntary donation to cover our utility costs. 

Kitchen use can require a refundable damage deposit and the fee varies depending on whether you are just using it for water, refrigerator and cleanup, or if you need to use the whole kitchen and our dishes. The details are on the kitchen use form.

(No alcohol is allowed anywhere on church property.)

There is a general Facility Use Form and Indemnity Waiver to fill out and return to the office.

If you will be needing the kitchen please contact the office at 360-221-4233 or





Spaces Available

Besides the rooms described below we have classrooms and a small meeting room that are also available to the public.

  • Fireside Room

    The Fireside Room is available for small group to medium sized groups--about 20 people fills the room comfortably. WIFI is available.

  • Fellowship hall

    The Fellowship Hall is used for large events. 200 people is the maximum! A sound system, monitor and WIFI are available. A small sink and coffee machine are also located in the hall. The kitchen adjoins and can also be used with separate paperwork, see below.

  • kitchen

    We have a full service kitchen than can work for a large dinner. A kitchen use form must be filled out. There are two different levels of use.

    1) Limited use includes access to sinks and refrigerator but no use of church dishes, dishwasher, ovens or stove. Donation of $25, plus refundable damage deposit of $50.

    2) Full use includes use of the church dishes, silverware, pans, dishwasher, ovens and stove, refrigerator etc. $100 for one time use and a $150 refundable deposit.